Activist Mommy

{June 18, 2007}   Who I am

The older I get the more I feel afraid, and angry, and upset, and inspired by the world around me. How can a people go to the moon and not be able to stop acres of forest from being cut down? How can we create a global system of communication and not be able to pay workers what they are worth? And what the hell is going to be left for my kids when they are grown?

I am an activist. I want to make a change, make a difference, open some eyes, and work towards a better life. Sometimes that clashes with my role as a mother, sometimes it doesn’t I am learning to put the two together in hopes of being the kind of person my kids wnat to grow up to be. Sure I can take them recycling with me, they can help me compost, they can work in the garden, they can hand out posters and share with other kids. But I can’t go to a war protest, or plant trees in Africa, or chain myself to a tree with a toddler on my back.

 But I can blog. And the blogosphere is already a hotbed of activism according to some.  So here I am. Sure its not marching in the streets and carrying signs, but it is sharing a piece of my passion with others in the best way that I can now.

Activist Mommy – Saving the world, right after nap time.

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Matt says:


I’m in the same boat; got kids so can’t exactly get myself arrested in a heated protest so, blogging helps to direct that ‘activism’!

I am a part of The Coffee House but thought I’d let you know of another blog I started only last week called Environment Solutions, which accentuates the positive stuff already happening out there;

Hope to see you there!

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