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{June 21, 2007}   Lets all blame it on Global warming!

Mark Jabo of Environmental Talk is hosting an interesting contest. Six degrees of seperation, global warming style. Now I’m one of those crazies who believes the global warming is real and that humans have at least some reponciblility. Yes the earth goes through normal cycles, no one is saying is doesn’t. We’re saying that the normal cycle has been shot through the roof and keeps getting worse. But that’s besides the point.

Much like the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon where players try to link other celebrities, and each other, to Kevin Bacon is 6 steps or less the goal of this contest is to link random things to Global Warming. The first comment linking Paris hilton going to jail to global warming made me giggle. The prizes are fairly good too. An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore, Shattered Consensus, by Patrick Michaels, and The Sky is Falling: A Global Warming Survival Guide, by Cal Orey and Mark Jabo.

Wait, the blogger is also co-author of the second book. Hmmmm

 Of course this fun contest was inspired by the comments by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Yes, thank you Ki-Moon. Thank you for making all of environmentals look a little more crazy to the mainstream public.

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