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{June 27, 2007}   Fresh from the farmer’s market.

I read a great article a few days ago called Experts Say Eat Local for Health, Planet and Wallet. The article hits on the points that buying food grown in other countries that has to be flown in carries a heavy ecological burden. Not only does the shipping, packaging, and chemicals needed to keep it fresh util it reaches the store shelves cost us, it also keeps us disconnected from the foods we eat. Buying local food stops all of that before it even begins. It also helps support our local farmers who are not always able to compete with the unethically low prices that farmers outside the country are paid.

The Crunchy Chicken has declared July as Local Food Month. The challenge is to increase the amount of locally grown foods you eat, and as a result reduse the amount of prepackaged, imported foods you are eating. Eating more local foods, and growing/making your own dishes not only helps the environemtn and the local farmers, it also can improve your health. No preservatives, dyes, added this or that. Just fresh, simple foods straight from your garden.

To tempt you a little more here’s a delicious recipe for homemade salsa from PickYourOwn that will make your mouth water. I made this several times last summer and it was a huge hit. I’m just waiting for my tomatoes to get to that perfect ripeness right now so I can make it again.

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GREAT points!

Eating ‘local’ is a basic ayur vedic principle tha and is plain common sense to boot.

Here in Jamaica, local farmers have to compete with produce grown abroad that is often cheaper than what’s grown here.. but I always buy local… If we all support our local farmers, we ensure that we’re independent when it comes to food supply…


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