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{June 30, 2007}   I don’t do Myspace

There was an interesting post yesterday over at Feministe reguarding Facebook and Myspace. It was interesting to see the notable difference between who uses which. Thinking about it I have noticed that more of my “odd” friends are Myspace users, while my professional contacts seem to be with Facebook. I guess if I had to choose based solely on that i would probably do with Myspace, being the odd one and all.

However, I don’t use Myspace for one very important (to me) reason. They do not allow breastfeeding images and delete them as soon as they find them. That’s right. Half naked 15 year old girls with pasties on their nipples? That’s quality entertainment. A fully dressed adult woman feeding her child? Well thats just obscene! Move that baby out of the way and shake them boobs while licking a lollypop and they might let you come back.

As a mom who is still nursing a child who *gasp* walks and (sort of) talks I just get behind a site that tells me that I’m doing something obscene. As a woman I can’t support a site that says boobs are for sex only. Sorry. My mouth is pretty sexy too, and yet I can make it through lunch without any making the comparison between sex and food. So why can’t my kid have the same respect?

 I found this on the web when I searched for breastfeeding and Myspace. Mothers Tell MySpace Breastfeeding is Not Obscene 

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maggie says:

This is just another example of how crazy the culture is in our country. I would love to be able to go around topless on a hot day, which is quite legal but would land me on the local news. Furthermore, we should be able to feed our children naturally from our bodies for as long as we want to without being labelled “wierd hippie” and we should be able to do this in public without some crazy either wanting to cover us up or some creep staring at our boobs!
MySpace seems to be geared towards soft porn, teenagers with either low self asteem or raging hormones and the pedophiles that feed on them!
OK, so now I have vented and I thank you for listening.

QofS says:

I’m moving the tit brigade over to my MySpace account now.

They want a fight. They got one now boy.

Thanks for the info.

activistmommy says:

Go get ’em Queen of Spain! 🙂

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