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{June 30, 2007}   Mika Brzezinski, a real journalist

Real journalists like Mika Brzezinski who realise how petty and ignorant it is to talk about a talentless blonde bimbo who’s only claim to fame is making a sex video. Hello people! There is real news going on out there! People are dying, companies are polutting, politicians are lying. And Paris Hilton gets the lead story? No, no, no.

Too bad her two male co-anchers couldn’t be bothers to be journalists. Instead of standing up for journalistic integrity they made snide comments and fawned over a video clip of Paris leaving jail. What is our world coming to when this kind of senseless celebrity pandering is the most important thing they had to talk about? What is the fate of American media when not only does this rubish get top billing, but two “professional” men go on to act like sexist jerks on national television?

“She’s not a journalist anymore, is she?”

No, sir. I think she’s the last real journalist America may have left. Mika Brzezinski I applaud you.

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