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{July 6, 2007}   Getting green with baby steps

Earth FriendlyShelly at Natural and Sustainable has 13 easy ways to go green listed at her blog. And they really are easy things you can do now. I know some people seem to think that it is too much work to become eco-friendly, but realyl it is the little things that add up. Like Vanessa at Green as a Thistle saying bye-bye to straws, or the Closet Environmentalist buying reusable vacuum bags.    The more little things your do the more they add up, and the easier it becomes for you to move on the the bigger things.

The Crunchy Chicken did a fun post the other day called Ask Crunchy where people could ask her questions and she answered them honestly. One question asked her waht was the easiest and hardest changes she has made. Her response to the hardest change stuck out to me. She replied “employing any of the changes in public that might cause criticism.” Oh my gosh isn’t that true? I think my hardest change was pulling out the reusable shopping bags at the store. Not because they were harder to use or more of a hassle, but because of the looks and comments I go from others. Sometimes doing the little things at home really is so much easier, and builds up your confidence when it comes time to do the big thigns in public. If I hadn’t already had a couple years of being an “eco-nut” at home under my belt I might never have had the courage to face the comments when I made myself public about it.

It really is all about the baby steps, taking things one piece at a time and working yourself up to the bigger changes. Start small, like a simple 5 ways to make grocery shopping more earth friendly. Or throwing a more earth friendly party in 5 simple steps. Even just making your yard more earth friendly can be a great way to get started.

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