Activist Mommy

{July 9, 2007}   Books are the way to my heart

The Green BookIt’s true. If you want to win me over forget the flowers and jewelry, just get me a gift certificate to the nearest book store and give me a couple hours. Or even better get a gift certificate to an online bookstore that sells used books and I’ll be in heaven. Because of my passion for filling the bookshelves to over flowing Crunchy Chicken has become my new favorite person ever. Why? Because she sent me her copy of The Green Book. I swooned opening the envelope and getting a new book into my hands. Poor Activist Daddy was worried that I was having a long-distance affair. And since I was getting gifts of books he knew he was in trouble. Luckily for him the only other love in my life is made of paper and doesn’t know how I like my tea.

 In more book-love goodness you can vote on the next book to be read in the book club over at Crunchy’s blog. The list is a good one, it was hard for me to narrow it down. I went with one that I’ve had sitting on my shelf for months and haven’t gotten past the first chapter yet. Last Child In the Woods.

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LRapps says:

Thanks for your comment on my blog and I agree! While this comment doesn’t go with this post, I have to agree that just because a woman might do “women’s work” doesn’t make her a slave or anti-feminist. I look forward to reading your blog from here on out. Thanks for writing!

How funny. I’m glad you got the book! I didn’t realize you were a book ho’ as well. I have no less than 15 books on my nightstand threatening to collapse and attack me while I sleep, so I can appreciate the book love. Enjoy!

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