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{July 10, 2007}   ABC says that bottled water is bad

bottled waterCan I say “duh”?

It was on my front page this morning, that bottled water is bad for the earth. I’m a bit confused that more people haven’t figured this out, but sometimes I forget that not everyone cares where the stuff they buy comes from or goes to. Before I go on I’ll admit that I do have a small collection of water bottles in my fridge. I use them when I take my sons to the park so that I don’t have to buy drinks from the machine or let them drink out of the rusted fountain. Or for long car rides I’ll grab a couple bottles out of the fridge rather than stopping and buying something along the way. I have about 6 bottles, most of them at least 2 years old. Several of my friends have actually went to using glass bottles instead of plastic, in fact a lot of them use glass everything instead of plastic. However I can’t get this image out of my head of my boys breaking them over each other’s head. I know I should look into some of the better reusable bottles for drinks, I just haven’t got to it yet. I will, I promise!

 The news really isn’t anything new. Back in 2005 ABC News did a report on whether bottled water was healthier and tasted better than tap. The results came back that tap water and bottled water really aren’t that different. Except for, you know, the fuel used transporting the bottles of water, the pollution made by the factories making the bottles, the trash that piles up from all the bottles being tossed, and the chemicals leeching out of the bottles into your body. Or as the New York Times puts it The Unintended Consequences of Hyperhydration.

I read some frightening statistics this morning on the whole bottled water company. Buying the cute little bottle of water can leave a big, gaping hole in its place. There is a link there to a great article where the statisitcs come from. It is definitely worth the read. Or you can head over to No Impact Man and see how he deals with the reusable water bottle craze. He’s got some pretty shocking statistics up also.

In the end here are my ideas for reducing the bottled water problems:

  • Reuse the water bottles that you already have. Rinse them out, refill them, and pop them in the fridge or freezer until next time.
  • Recycle your bottles insteadof tossing them out.
  • If you find yourself in need of a drink buy brands that aren’t shipped from other countries.
  • Get reusable bottles that you can use for all of your drinks rather than buying packaged drinks over and over again.
  • Turn on the tap to get your drink.
  • Put a jap on your counter and put the money you would be spending on bottled water in there instead. When the jar is full, donate the money.

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Danielle says:

I was surprised when I learned myself of the damage that buying water has. It is marketed as a healthy alternative to tap water, we see images of healthy, active balanced people in nature never without their commercial bottled water. Coca Cola and Pepsi have gone into the game. I shared this information about Nestle which shocked me at scroll down for number 8. We need the convenience of carrying water but reusable water containers are made from plastic and they are found everywhere. There needs to be more access to all not only internet users to purchase reusable aluminum water containers. I admit in the heat of the desert summer you need to buy water in bottles. With three young rats I need to carry a lot of water. I reuse gatorade bottles and commercial plastic beverage containers and then I learn that chemicals can leech out of the bottles overtime. Why couldn’t they add a small amount to the purchase price and offer reusable non plastic bottles of water that could be refilled at filling stations for a reduced amount but still economically viable. We have some filling stations for gallon jugs around town. I filter our tap water with a brita filter and it takes the bad taste away and cold water always tastes better to me.

I am glad I discovered your creation here, Keep on keeping on, you are an inspiration to those of us just awakening.

Much love.

What? Tap water is safe? I thought only water from Fiji and France was okay to drink.

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