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{July 12, 2007}   Look! Scandal, corruption, and death somewhere other than the US!

Everyone has been a buzz about China executing the man in charge of their food and drug safety administration. Food from China has been getting some negative press lately. You know, what with it being toxic and all. Knowing that you could be eating food shipped over from China in who knows what condition is a bit unnerving, but I don’t know that I’d kill the guy for it. Of course, like the Daily Kos points out that doesn’t mean that we can breath a sigh of relief. If anything we may be discovering that the problem is about to get worse.

I can’t help but get a little crosseyed trying to work out the differences between the execution of Zheng Xiaoyu and the release of Scooter Libby here in the US. I mean both applied for leniency, yet one was denied and the other walked free (or close enough). I don’t even want to begin to wrap my head around the politics right now. I’m afriad I might get lost and never found again. But don’t let my fear stop you, if you want to wind yourself up in the polical maze I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Danielle says:

That is really shocking. Why is America even dealing with China?, in light of this. Did he know something that would be dangerous to China if they just fired him?

Be well and enjoy the day.

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