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{July 12, 2007}   Open Left

Did anyone not get an email about Open Left? Becauase I actually got two. OK OK, so I’ll check them out. Really, if they insist. In case you haven’t heard of the site yet it’s actually geared up to be fairly interesting. Sort of a melting pot of ideas for those leaning to the progressive left side. Which I happen to be.

The site will serve as a meeting place for outsiders in the progressive netroots to interact with insiders like Mike, who have long been a part of the progressive establishment. The website includes news, analysis and video content dedicated toward building a progressive governing majority in America.

See what I mean? Sounds great, right? And here I was all set to fall in love with a new site online. Then I read a few of the posts. Now, in all fairness it is an open forum. So anyone with a keyboard can share their thoughts. And there are some really great posts in there too. Like for instance Why Did Democratic Women Do So Poorly In 2006 House Elections? and this funny yet scary youtube video someone dug up. But there are a few posts that just didn’t sit well with me.

In all fairness though, you should just check it out for yourself. It really is prepped to be a great resource for liberal progressives to come together and share thoughts and ideas.

*Edited to add that I found an interesting post over at Feministe dealing with an abortion topic from Open Left. It is definitely worth the read, not just to bask in the glory that is Feministe but also to see another opinion about those writing on Open Left.

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