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{July 16, 2007}   Blogging for a good cause

I want everyone to know about the upcoming Blogathon on July 28. The basics of the blogathon is that bloggers pledge to stay awake for 24 hours, blogging their way through the insonmia, while those of us who would be fire breathing zombies if we attempted this instead sponsor these brave bloggers. But we’re not just paying them to stay up and blog for 24 hours. If you choose to sponsor a blogger your contribution actually goes in total to a charity of their choice.

You can find a blog to sponsor by searching the blog listings and see what charities they are staying up for and what kind of blog they are. There are people blogging for Planned Parenthood, Amnesty International, Modest Needs, and many more. Any organization that you can think of is being represented somewhere. Of, if you are a brave soul you can sign up and give it a go yourself. You can go sign up and add yourself to the flock. Then go guilt all of your friends into sponsoring you. ūüėČ

This year I’ll be sponsoring Modern Musings as she blogs for RESIST. She has a great list here of 13 reasons why you should sponsor her too. Check it out and see if you get inspired to sponsor her and this great cause.

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Danielle says:

Oh, thanks so much for the spotlight and the pledge of support, I do so appreciate it.

You know, if you are able to part with $25 or more I’ll gift you a customized CD from my collection as an incentive. I have a mighty vast and varied collection.

Thank you again, sweets.

Sally says:

Oooo! A reason to stay up late! … and perhaps I will get more support with my Walk for Farm Animals! ..and I just happen to have off the Friday and Monday surrounding so I am so game!

Thanks for the heads up. (And have I mentioned lately how pretty your blog is :p !)

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