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{July 16, 2007}   Is the world getting better or worse?

I found that I was being linked to a blog called Downwiththekids so I desided to check it out. I was pretty excited to read one of the recent posts, and not just because I was mentined. No, what got my grinning from ear to ear was this great post on the state of the world, Optimism – the only way. With all the negative news it’s nice to read something positive for a change.

As more people get involved making a change in the world seems more likely. Not only are celebs taking up the torch, but ordinary people are also working to make the world a better place. Maybe it’s just the coffee talking this morning, but thinking about it makes me feel a little warm and tingling. Knowing that more and more people are choosing to take an active role instead of sitting there on the sidelines complaining. As she puts it

Don’t get me wrong, there is still massive injustice, particularly when you compare the first world to the third world, but when else in history have you had such awareness and concern about the issues?

Philanthropists of the scale of Bill Gates, a charitable industry that is growing by the year, artists like Bono and Bob Geldof devoting their power and influence to enormous humanitarian objectives? Sure there’s a long way to go, and it’s a bumpy road, but if I look back over human history am I crazy to think we are moving in the right direction?

Maybe she is crazy, but I’ve never had a problem with crazy. And at least this is a “stars in my eyes” kind of crazy. I can dig that. And I’m not alone. All over the world we are seeing people coming around to a different way of thinking. From poachers reformingtheir ways to families learning to love biodeisel it seems that more and more people are making changes that make the world a better place. And who knows, it might just happen.

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matt says:

Humans are strange animals. We have this incredible capacity to create amazing cities for example and then in a flash of insanity, destroy the whole thing via a war. What happened in Rwanda sent shivers of absolute horror and fear down my spine. I couldn’t believe what neighbours could do to each other. But then I realised that could actually happen anywhere …

So yes, optimism is needed but so are very strong institutions. With this new found awareness that we wealthier folk have via the internet and TV change can be pushed. Often though we have to rely on our leaders doing the right thing. Blair made a mistake with Iraq but, in Sierra Leone he is a hero because British troops sorted out a nightmare 10 year civil war in 3 weeks, bringing peace to the people.

There is optimism out there for sure but, it’s often a hard battle to achieve positive change and even harder to keep it that way.

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