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{July 19, 2007}   Fruits and veggies don’t help cancer?

FruitAn article on Yahoo is telling me that Fruits, veggies don’t stop cancer return. It’s a short article without much detail on the study. If anyone has a link to a more detailed article I would love to read it. I have a few questions. First, how were the foods grown? Are we talking organic, chemical -free fruits and veggies. Or were the foods grown with the typical chemicals sprayed on them? And in what way were the foods served? The article points out that foods such as french fries and lettuce did not count. But there is a difference between fresh, raw peas and the mush that comes in a can. I would love to know if these kinds of differences had any effect. To me, I would assume that fresh foods grown without chemicals and served in as natural a state as possible would have a better effect on one’s health than the typical canned mush most of us are used to. A salad full of raw leafy spinach is certainly more healthy, and tastier, than the overcooked slime that most people associate with spinach.

One thing from the article that makes me wonder is this:

But they may not have been so honest about the calories they ate. The super-veggie group gained 1.3 pounds and the comparison group gained 0.88 pound, on average.

I’ll certainly come back later and add more to this.

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Jessica Schessler says:

From that short quote it sounds like it wasn’t a very controlled study.

The full text of the cited article is free online from JAMA at:

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