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{July 20, 2007}   What do neocons say behind our backs?

I think at one point in time or another we all have experienced that fear that someone was saying horrible things about us when we weren’t around. It seems that some of us aren’t just paranoid. One brave reporter climbed upon a cruise ship full of conservatives, where he learned all the secret little comments they say when we aren’t around to hear them. Like that the Muslims are taking over, that liberals should be executed, and we’re “doing an excellent job killing them” in the war. The whole article made me shudder and wince a couple times I had to walk away from the computer and argue with myself over whether they really said the things they said. I’d like to believe that they didn’t. I’d like to belive that it was exagerated. I’d like to believe that Santa is real and I’ll be getting a truck load of toys from all the missed years. But believing doesn’t make it so.

The central theme seems to be “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming! Quick get your bombs!” I wonder if any of those on the ship have ever actually met someone of any other faith than their own. And if they ever did how did they control themselves from not breaking out the scrubber pads and bleach and cleaning themselves of impurity on the spot. I remember once getting into a heat arguement with a hardcore conservative over bombing the Middle East. Her point seemed to be bomb them all and let God decide. I, trying to find some spot of humanity inside her, asked if she would feel the same if I were to blow up a building and Bush decided to bomb out entire town for it. Would she sacrifice her own young children to pay for my crime. She shrugged and gave the typical comments about protecting the country and patriotism. Though, I have a feeling the kind of people on this cruise wouldn’t get this kind of arguement. First of all they would never live somewhere with such low property value. And if such a choice were to be made they’d just pack up on the next cruise ship and hang out until the bombings were finished.

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