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{July 24, 2007}   Show some compost love.

Remember when I told you green was sexy? Well TreeHugger agrees. Check out this sexy vase that holds food scraps for composting. Composting can be sexy? Who knew? What about a hot pink toilet? Is that sexy? What if I told you it was a water-less composting toliet? With a little flare I guess even composting can become sexy.

 In fact, composting has become so sexy that entire cities are jumping in with the love. Seattle is going compost crazy by making food recycling mandatory by ’09. Though their plan has a few problems, like not checking to make sure people are doing so and charging those who compost in their own homes. But overall it seems like a pretty good step forward.

Though some people dislike composting (is this for real?) it’s getting more and more popular. Heck, there’s even an Annual Conference for composters.

Interested in composting? You can learn how to do it yourself, share composting with kids, and even composting inside your house.

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Aw man all I can think of when I hear “hot pink toilet” is my hometown … I grew up in a bit of a hicks’ town and someone (NOT my neighbor thank goodness) had a old toilet spray painted (chipping off) neon orangey-pink in their front yard working as a planter. It is still a family joke! But mom says it isn’t there anymore, mostly just tires now.

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