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{July 26, 2007}   Mmmmm, food love

Wanna see what I have? Take a look at these beauties.

corn tomatos

Yesterday morning I took my boys to the pond for a picnic and some fun. On the way home we drove past a sign that caught my eye. a quick turn around and we were looking over some the biggest, ripest tomatos I had ever seen. Unfortunately it was already noon so most of the good stuff had already been picked over. If I had seen them earlier I could ahve gotten some fresh strawberries and peaches. Alas, woe is me.

Organic grown vine ripeI’m still happy with what I got. A pound of tomatos and a half dozen ears of corn for $3.50. I’m thinking I could dig up an onion and a couple carrots and make some homemade spaghetti sauce. It is always better homemade. Poured over some whole wheat pasta, and maybe cook those ears of corn to go with it. Yum! My mouth is watering already. And everything except the pasta is locally grown. Now if only I could find local pasta or figure out how to make my own from scratch….

While I’m pondering how to grind the wheat in my kitchen, Crunchy Chicken has an interesting assignment for those who were reading Omnivore’s Dilema. Create the perfect meal. And when she says perfect, she means it. Everything in it has to be fresh, made from scratch, and harvested/gathered/hunted by you personally. Think you can do it? You’ve got until August 20th to plan it out. Go ahead, it’s harder than you think.

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Danielle says:

I love a good tomato. That is a great price. Our farmer’s markets charged ridiculous prices. I know they have to make money and they are competing with the agrobusinesses and get less help from the federal government, but pricing makes fresh organic so out of reach for the poorer among us.

You put carrots in your tomato sauce. Mmmmm. I forget the word, but isn’t that a base with onions and tomatoes.

As always….

LRapps says:

Those tomatos….yum…

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