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{August 2, 2007}   Books About Food Are Almost As Good As Food Itself

To say bye-bye to Local Food Month I finally got to set down and read my book last night, The United States of Arugula: The Sun Dried, Cold Pressed, Dark Roasted, Extra Virgin Story of the American Food Revolution. I’m still in the first half of it, but I can say it is almost relaxing to know that Americans have had serious food issues long before McDonalds came along. We’re a nation that seems to think vegetables come from cans and if the box says there are vitamins in it then it must be good. Some of the oddities of the eating habits talked about in this book made me laugh, though getting to see the behind the scenes story of some the the top chefs is great. And it’s nice to know that Dr. Kellogg’s masturbation obsession* went as far as food too. He believed that eating meat caused masturbation and that people should have yogurt enemas. I’m almost curious what his sex life was like. Almost.

Andrew Zimmerman Bizzare FoodsI’m going to have to write a real review of this book as soon as I’m done. It is actually really interesting to read, especially if you love food. Or at least love celebrity chefs. I’m not quite a foodie, but the Activist Daddy and I do enjoy staying up late to watch some Andrew Zimmerman on the Travel Channel. We can’t help but stare in wonder and horror while he eats bugs, and raw fish hearts, and parts of animals we normally toss out. He’s like our hero, urging us to eat something new and not to waste any parts. Luckily for me not waasting any parts means eating all of the stem of my broccoli, but you get the point. Can you imagine that this is his job? Asside from being a chef at a very expensive resturant, his job is to travel the world and eat things no red blooded American would dream of touching. And he likes it.

Zimmerman is the first person to come to my mind when reading The United States of Arugula, and not just because we’re fans. The beginning of the book talks about some the famous foodies that started the celebrity chef thing here in America. Like Craig Claiborne who joined the navy to escape his mother and ended up traveling the world enjoying exotic foods ended up a leading food critic and journalist.

OK, I’m going to stop now before I ruin the whole book for anyone who has not read it yet. I promise as soon as I am done I’ll write a real review. Hopefully that will be by this weekend. So far I am really enjoying it and definitely recomend it to others to read.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg*Side note, Dr. Kellogg, the man behind the cereal, was  one of the men who really pushed for routine infant circumcision in America. He felt that foreskins were what made little boys masturbate, and masturbation lead to everything from insanity to heart disease. Think about that the next time you eat your Corn Flakes. read more here>>>.

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