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{August 4, 2007}   Fisher-Price Loves Kids (and Their Money)

I was sent an email about the latest toy recall from Fisher-Price. What seemed ironic to me is the same day I recived a package from Fisher-Price trying to convince me to buy thier latest toys, Planet Heroes. What better way to divert my attention from the dangerous toys then a free DVD and a poster coverd in new and exciting toys. Or not.

There is a great article on How do our kids get so caught up in consumerism? over at Kids and Commercialism. I think about it everytime we get advertisements in the mail, an effort to catch those who aren’t watching nonstop TV and eating at McDonalds and other toy-ridden so-called food places. Buy, buy, buy! And if a few toys get recalled we’ll just make more for you to buy. And kids just eat them up, the bright colors and fun advertising made to catch their eye.

Before a child enters first grade science class, and before entering in any real way into our religious ceremonies, a child will have soaked in 30,000 advertisements.

Here is the email I was sent on the Fisher-Price toy recall and more information on what you can do about it.

Dear MomsRising Member, As if being a mother of young children isn’t challenging enough, now I have to sneak around my son’s room in the dead of the night to confiscate his Elmo, Zoe, and Big Bird. As you may have heard, on August 1st, Fisher-Price recalled 967,000 plastic preschool toys because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead. For more information on the recall, see the websites listed at the end of this message.This is a disturbing trend. A little over a month ago we were sneaking Thomas the Tank engine out our children’s toy boxes. What toy will we hear about next? This has got to stop.

: Sign the petition to let Congress and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) know that, “Testing children’s products for toxic chemicals must be a priority. No more toxic toys and children’s products!”

*Just click here to sign the petition for children’s safety now:

 *Please forward this email to friends!

**Please also forward this email to friends! First, they need to know to get rid of these toys. Second, we need them to join us in demanding higher toy safety standards. So, if you have already signed this petition (or even if you haven’t) please forward this email to your family, friends, school, sport, and faith communities. We’ll deliver these petition signatures to key members of Congress, and the Executive Director of the CPSC, Patsy Semple, to let them know we demand safety and higher standards for our children.LEGISLATION NEEDS CITIZEN VOICES: Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., introduced a bill last month to expand the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s ability to protect the public. Another piece of legislation, introduced by Sen. Durbin and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., would require third-party testing of products for young children.Now that good legislation has been introduced, let’s make sure it gets passed. Too often bills get lost in the crowd of demands being place upon our legislators. Let’s make sure this is a top priority. Tell Congress and the Consumer Product Safety Commission that they must take action now to protect our children from toxic toys and goods!

*Don’t forget to sign the petition for children’s safety at: AND please also forward this email and petition link to your friends and family!

Thanks for taking time to make a difference! –Donna, Joan, Katie, Kristin, Nanette, and The MomsRising Team

To learn more:

* CPSC Info on the Fisher-Price recall:
* CBS News story on Fisher-Price recall:
* Center for Disease Control web site about lead poisoning:
* List of recalled children’s products:

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