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{August 10, 2007}   Maybe Your Kid Isn’t an Einstein

Did anyone else see the news report about the baby videos? Apparently letting your baby park it in front of the tube, even if it’s called “educational” isn’t that great. Who knew?

Baby Einstein videosUmmm, even with a name like Einstein how on earth could any parent think that spending hours zones out on TV be a good thing? I mean already the average American watches 4 1/2 hours of brain numbing TV every day, and that’s usually slumped down as a family. So you may think that by substituting some of that time with something “educational” you could make it better. Well, no. Kids don’t need to be watcvhing TV, videos, movies, etc… The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that older kids not watch more than 1–2 hours of TV or video per day, and that kids under age 2 not watch any television. And that includes those annoying Baby Einstein videos.

But they play classical music and show kids shapes and colors.”

Great. So pop on a CD and pull out a couple books that you can read or look at together. Problem solved, without the talking picture box doing the parenting for you. I know, I know. I’m up on my high horse again. It just bothers me when we go to visit friends and the kids are zoned out on the TV. Every. Damn. Time. Even worse when it’s these so-called “educational” videos because then the parent thinks they can go off and leave the child to watch the video on their own. It gives them a fasle sense of security that their kids are learning without them having to do anything like, you know, interact with their own kids. Part of me wants to go on a tangent about how that attitude leads to parents pushing their kids off to school and assuming that they are getting an education without actually having to be a part of it. But I’ll keep that rant for later. 

Next time you think about plopping your angel down in front of the boobtube think about how TV affects your child and how to have healthy habits for TV, video games and the internet.

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