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{August 14, 2007}   The Jena 6- How Is This Not On The News?

Six black students at Jena High School in Central Louisiana were arrested last December after a school fight in which a white student was beaten and suffered a concussion and multiple bruises. The six black students were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The fight took place amid mounting racial tension after a black student sat under a tree in the schoolyard where only white students sat. The next day three nooses were hanging from the tree. Read more>>>

Why is this not on the news? Why is CNN not covering it? Why am I hearing more about dog fighting than I am about 6 young men being railroaded because they were born black? And where the hell are the people in power who should be stepping in and stopping this?

If you care make phone calls. call your local news stations, your local news papers, polititians and lawyers and anyone with a hint of power. Talk about it on your blogs, take up a collection, sign the petition, and make it news. Make people listen, make people see this, make people care.

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matt says:

I have read about this somewhere a few weeks/months back. Certainly sounded like a nasty case of racism.

Phil says:

Agree with matt about the racism. And I have been following the story on NPR.

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