Activist Mommy

{August 15, 2007}   Are You Taking Up the Challenge?

Today starts the 2 week Go Green challenge at Eco Steet. To join just read their blog every day for the next two weeks and follow along with the green actions they suggest each day. I’m going to joining in, are you?

Today is day 1 and the challenge is to stop drinking bottled water. That’s not a hard change for me as we don’t buy bottled water anymore. When we’re walking around with a bottle of water you can guarentee that the bottle is at least two years old or older. I have a nice collection in the fridge that I keep filled and chilled for walks, trips to the park, and long car rides.


Isil says:

I tagged you, check out my blog when you have time.

have Good idea but I’m going to have to start at day 2 😉

we have a boil water notice in our city due to parasites in th water. I’m breastfeeding my daughter so would rather not ingest said parasites, so naughty me is drinking bottled water, I hate all the waste, hopefully our water will be fixed soon because it was yummy water!

activistmommy says:

Oh definitely Pixie! Even not breastfeeding I’d rather drink the bottled stuff. And at least you can reuse the bottles later. 🙂

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