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{August 21, 2007}   Protecting Women’s Lives, But Still Not Enough

Amnesty International made the decision to campaign for women to have access to abortion in cases of rape, incest, or where the woman’s life is in danger. Many see this is a huge step forward in valuing women’s lives but it still falls short of valuing their bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel that this is a huge step forward. But I feel that by not going all the way they are still pandering to those against abortion and still not supporting women completely.

Amnesty has been quick to point out that this decision does not signal a move towards recognising abortion as a woman’s right, that it is only advocating abortion in certain circumstances.

Women have the right not to be pregnant. You have the right not to have something attached to you, feeding off of you, and inhibiting you. It’s a body-right for everyone. We should do everything we can to help prevent the unwanted pregnancies before they happen, but we also have to accept that they do happen. Even in happy, healthy, loving families birth control can still fail. Even the most educated person can give in to the heat of the moment. And when dealing with some women they simply do not have access to the information needed to prevent the pregnancy. To only allow those women who are in dangerous situation to ahve abortions we are ignoring those women.

Every year 80,000 women across the world die as a result of unsafe abortion. History has shown us time and time again that denying access to abortion does not stop women from terminating unwanted pregnancies, all it does is drive them underground, more often than not into the hands of backstreet abortionists. Alternatively, denying abortion forces women into taking their own desperate measures, and contributes to 13% of global maternal deaths annually.

But the Roman Catholic Church is still outraged. While they pay lip service to protecting women, they still demand that women carry to term and often raise alone the children from these pregnancies. With circumstances such as Dufar happening and the Roman Cathlic Church wanting no way out for these women I wonder how it is that those who are pro-choice are considered the satanists.

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Hilary says:

I heard an interesting argument recently that, if one believes in God in the traditional Catholic and Christian sense, than he is the greatest abortionist. 20% or more of pregnancies end in abortion, spontaneously, due to genetic problems or other issues. It is obviously not a black and white issue as many fundamentalists may wish to treat it.

Marc says:

This may not be enough – I agree: but it’s certain a step forward and one I certainly thing is a cause for celebration. With the Global Gag Rule and many others that inhabit international feminists from changing the Global South’s perspective on a woman’s choice, I think this is a great leap forward.

Women sufferage didn’t take place overnight, and so we’ve got to be patient, too, with how quickly we want things to move.

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