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Amnesty International made the decision to campaign for women to have access to abortion in cases of rape, incest, or where the woman’s life is in danger. Many see this is a huge step forward in valuing women’s lives but it still falls short of valuing their bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel that this is a huge step forward. But I feel that by not going all the way they are still pandering to those against abortion and still not supporting women completely.

Amnesty has been quick to point out that this decision does not signal a move towards recognising abortion as a woman’s right, that it is only advocating abortion in certain circumstances.

Women have the right not to be pregnant. You have the right not to have something attached to you, feeding off of you, and inhibiting you. It’s a body-right for everyone. We should do everything we can to help prevent the unwanted pregnancies before they happen, but we also have to accept that they do happen. Even in happy, healthy, loving families birth control can still fail. Even the most educated person can give in to the heat of the moment. And when dealing with some women they simply do not have access to the information needed to prevent the pregnancy. To only allow those women who are in dangerous situation to ahve abortions we are ignoring those women.

Every year 80,000 women across the world die as a result of unsafe abortion. History has shown us time and time again that denying access to abortion does not stop women from terminating unwanted pregnancies, all it does is drive them underground, more often than not into the hands of backstreet abortionists. Alternatively, denying abortion forces women into taking their own desperate measures, and contributes to 13% of global maternal deaths annually.

But the Roman Catholic Church is still outraged. While they pay lip service to protecting women, they still demand that women carry to term and often raise alone the children from these pregnancies. With circumstances such as Dufar happening and the Roman Cathlic Church wanting no way out for these women I wonder how it is that those who are pro-choice are considered the satanists.

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{July 30, 2007}   Abortion is the New Satanism.

Pop quiz: When watching the move Dirty Dancing* the scene where Penny is in agonizig pain over her botched illegal abortion what thought first came to your mind?

  • A. How horrible! Thank God abortion is safe and legal now so this kind of thing doesn’t happen as often anymore.
  • B. Good! Maybe if more dirty whores died from abortions women would stop murdering their kids.
  • C. Just get back to Patrick Swazy with his shirt off.

If you answered A congratulations, you’re a satanist! No really, you are. Trailer park feminist has helped to shed the light on this feminist=satanist idea. It seems that Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer has taken the whole “us=good, you=evil” idealology to a whole new level by proclaiming that feminists are just satanists with better PR.

The thing that irks me the most is that so many of the in-your-face pro-lifers assume that pro-choice means pro-abortion. Obviously the word “choice” escapes their vocabulary, or maybe just in terms of women having a choice. Why doesn’t pro-choice mean, oh I don’t know, CHOICE? What makes the Rev. so important that he gets to put his way of thinking as “true” and other’s as false? I keep hearing the voice of my grandmother ringing through my head, something about throwing stones. I’m sure the Rev. wouldn’t have a clue what I mean. Is he so unsure of his own beliefs  that he has to put down other’s in such a way to make himself feel better? Because that’s what it feels like to me.

Now I’m going to admit somethign that might cause a few sparks. I’m anti-abortion. It’s true.  But no matter what my personal feelings on abortion are I would never assume that I have any place to tellother women what they can or cannot do. I may agree that abortion is murder, but I’ll fight tooth and nail for your right to have one. Because it’s about choice, it’s about having control over your own body, and it’s about having access to safe and legal medical procedures rather than bleeding to death in a back ally in the middle of the night. Before fighting to make abortions illegal why not put that time and money into educating people on the realities of sex? Maybe if more young people were able to make an informed choice before sex they wouldn’t have to make a choice like this after sex. But there I go again, using that “choice” word in reguards to a woman’s body. Damn satanist I am.

I’ve been comforter for two women in my life that had abortions. The first was carrying a wanted and loved child that was discovered to have a fatal birth defect. Rather than continue a pregnancy that she knew was doomed to fail and put herself and her family through the emotional rollercoaster she had a late-term abortion. It was the most tragic, beautiful, painful, hopeful thing I could ever imagine. The physical pain she felt for weeks left her barely able to get out of bed and care for her other child. When people hold up signs with imagines of dead fetuses and call her a murderer I want to beat them with their own picket signs, I want to scream at them and shake their shoulders until they understand that no woman who walks out of a clinic without a child, wanted or not, is making the decision lightly.

The second was a young girl. She and her boyfriend had gotten pregnant after sneaking around having sex with no understanding of how their bodies worked. I remember sitting in her living room, they were holding hands and talking in a whisper even though no one was home about getting enough money soon. But what stands out is their comments of disbelief. He said “I don’t know how this happened. We never had sex on her period, since that’s the only time a woman can get pregnant.” She followed with “And we were always standing up when we had sex.” This, my friends, is why abstinence programs fail. They don’t stop the sex from happening, they stop the people having sex from a chance to learn and understand and prevent the unwanted pregnancy before it happens. She wasn’t a “bad girl” or a “whore” or a “baby killer”. She was just a kid who only knew as much as she was told and felt the same physical desires that the rest of us feel.

But many pro-lifers don’t think about how to prevent the pregnancies before they happen, other than to say “No sex, ever”. Instead they think that if the blow up enough abortion clinics, hold up enough picket signs, and shame enough women into feeling that they aren’t good enough to ahve a choice over their own bodies that it will somehow end all abortions. I’m afriad that it may jsut be a giant step back.

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*My Netflix came in Saturday and included Dirty Dancing. Hey, nobody puts Baby in the corner.

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