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{August 21, 2007}   Go Green day 7

It’s day 7 and the halfway mark of EcoStreet‘s Go Green challenge. The challenge today is a simple one, just join Freecycle. I’m a huge fan of freecycle. You can give away your old stuff to people who want it and find stuff that you’ve been looking for yourself. And best of all it’s free. There are local groups nearly everywhere, but if you can’t find one you can easily start your own.


{August 20, 2007}   Go Green day 6

Day 6 and the challenge is yummy. Today’s Go Green quest is to pack your own lunch in reusable containers. Skip the pre-packaged junk and forget the paperbags and plastic zipper bags. Instead use a sturdy lunchbox, a Wrap-N-Mat, and areusable bottle. A trick I picked up over at the Vegan Lunchbox is to buy PUL diapercuts, large squares of material used to make covers for cloth diapers. You can cut one down and make 2 or 4 reusable mats out of them. And they come in any style, colort, pattern you could dream of.

{August 19, 2007}   Going Green – day 5

On to day 5 of the two week Go Green challenge at Eco Street. So far so good for me. I hope everyone else is doing OK. The challenge today is to turn off the TV for the evening and enjoy some family time. That’s a great idea! I talked briefly about the dangers of TV and kids but really, TV can be bad for everyone. And the electricity sucked down to run the boobtube is bad for the environment.

{August 17, 2007}   Day 3 of Go Green Challenge

Today is day 3 of the Go Green Challenge at Eco Street. The challenge today is to get yourself some reusable shopping bags. There are a lot of differnet options out there. You can reuse the bags already given out by stores, buy some of the great reusable shopping bags out there, or try making your own. If you’re really feeling crafty you can knit a reusable bag from plastic bags. Or if you’re not the knitting type you can use an iron to fuse plastic bags together into one strong reusable bag.

Chico bagsWe have a couple dozen Chico Bags that we use for shopping, going swimming, taking recycling, and more. I got them from Reusable Bags, where you can get almost any kind of reusable bag for any purpose. A friend of mine has several awesome baskets that she uses to shop with. They are cute, functionable, and she feels better using them. Not just from an environmental standpoint either. She ordered her baskets from Basket Africa, a Fair Trade company that provide healthcare, school fees, and community buildings for the weavers and their children.

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{August 17, 2007}   Blog Action Day

What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day?

Blog Action DayThat’s the idea behind Blog Action Day. On October 15 bloggers all over the web will join together to write about the environment and the issues surrounding it. Bloggers can write a post on their own blogs focusing on the environment and they can also choose to donate their earnings from ads for that day. It’s a great way to get more info out there, share your thoughts/ideas/plans, and be a part of something huge. And maybe even inspire you to keep on blogging about issues that matter.

The Action Blog has a post on Why Bloggers Will Change the World and I couldn’t agree more. That is part of the reason why I blog here, to make my voice known and hopefully make a change. Getting my words out there on the web, instead of just ranting on the couch like I used to, I can generate awareness and make issues seen. And so can everyone else. Blogging is the new activism, and I am glad to be a part of it.

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{August 16, 2007}   I Need Some Pick-Up Lines

Day 2 of the Go Green challenge is to line dry your landry. I already hang the diapers out, but tend to machine dry everything else. So today I carried the basket of toewels out and hung them up.

And then a strey dog torn them down. So once I’ve rewashed them, it was muddy in the yard, I’ll hang them back up.

{August 15, 2007}   Are You Taking Up the Challenge?

Today starts the 2 week Go Green challenge at Eco Steet. To join just read their blog every day for the next two weeks and follow along with the green actions they suggest each day. I’m going to joining in, are you?

Today is day 1 and the challenge is to stop drinking bottled water. That’s not a hard change for me as we don’t buy bottled water anymore. When we’re walking around with a bottle of water you can guarentee that the bottle is at least two years old or older. I have a nice collection in the fridge that I keep filled and chilled for walks, trips to the park, and long car rides.

{July 24, 2007}   Show some compost love.

Remember when I told you green was sexy? Well TreeHugger agrees. Check out this sexy vase that holds food scraps for composting. Composting can be sexy? Who knew? What about a hot pink toilet? Is that sexy? What if I told you it was a water-less composting toliet? With a little flare I guess even composting can become sexy.

 In fact, composting has become so sexy that entire cities are jumping in with the love. Seattle is going compost crazy by making food recycling mandatory by ’09. Though their plan has a few problems, like not checking to make sure people are doing so and charging those who compost in their own homes. But overall it seems like a pretty good step forward.

Though some people dislike composting (is this for real?) it’s getting more and more popular. Heck, there’s even an Annual Conference for composters.

Interested in composting? You can learn how to do it yourself, share composting with kids, and even composting inside your house.

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  • Farm Dreams has a great list of some Good Books. Three of them are must reads fo the organic,healthy, natural food lovers. There is also a great autobiography on a small farm sitting in the middle of an urban sprawl.
  • The Portland Tribune’s Sustainable Life section features a great book that extols modest living, self-sufficiency as path to happiness. The book is described as an “exuberant celebration of one man’s attempt to live modestly”.
  • The BeHeard blog has six powerful books listed written by Enlightening female authors. These are six deeply important books for all women to read.
  • The GNMParents present some Green Summer Reading that should be on everyone’s list for this summer. From Garage Sale America to The Omnivore’s Dilemma these are definitely books to add to your “must read” lsit.
  • Comfortably Green shares Why having more no longer makes us happy,  an excerpt from Bill McKibben’s new book, Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future.

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    I found that I was being linked to a blog called Downwiththekids so I desided to check it out. I was pretty excited to read one of the recent posts, and not just because I was mentined. No, what got my grinning from ear to ear was this great post on the state of the world, Optimism – the only way. With all the negative news it’s nice to read something positive for a change.

    As more people get involved making a change in the world seems more likely. Not only are celebs taking up the torch, but ordinary people are also working to make the world a better place. Maybe it’s just the coffee talking this morning, but thinking about it makes me feel a little warm and tingling. Knowing that more and more people are choosing to take an active role instead of sitting there on the sidelines complaining. As she puts it

    Don’t get me wrong, there is still massive injustice, particularly when you compare the first world to the third world, but when else in history have you had such awareness and concern about the issues?

    Philanthropists of the scale of Bill Gates, a charitable industry that is growing by the year, artists like Bono and Bob Geldof devoting their power and influence to enormous humanitarian objectives? Sure there’s a long way to go, and it’s a bumpy road, but if I look back over human history am I crazy to think we are moving in the right direction?

    Maybe she is crazy, but I’ve never had a problem with crazy. And at least this is a “stars in my eyes” kind of crazy. I can dig that. And I’m not alone. All over the world we are seeing people coming around to a different way of thinking. From poachers reformingtheir ways to families learning to love biodeisel it seems that more and more people are making changes that make the world a better place. And who knows, it might just happen.

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